There Is No Value In Beauty

Photo by Josh S. Rose. Los Angeles, 2017.

How Free Are We Talking?

Image by Leio Mclaren

It’s Free Because It’s Easy

You know it’s easy, you just most likely don’t want to look at it. But let’s take a little trip to a remote lake, somewhere in Germany, called Obersee. The following is simply a screen grab of top posts from that location on Instagram right now:

Select images from The Agoraphobic Traveller

What’s the End Game For Photographers?

Dodger Stadium by Jacob Fischer, Dylan Schwartz, Stephen Vanesco, Josh S. Rose, Asteryx, Jase Salter

What Does It All Mean?

I’m not trying to land too hard on one side of this, I’m just a photographer who understands the trends he’s finding himself swimming in. The devaluation of beauty is simply something I’m dealing with, as a person trained in getting it. Yes, there’s something just a tad bit sad about it. I can remember the first time I saw that image of Dodger Stadium, from a helicopter and I thought, “wow, I have to be one of only a few people who’ve had this pleasure. Perhaps this image could be of some value.” Only to find a few short years later that the image has been taken so many times over now as to render it both commonplace and worthless. But there’s another way to look at it, too.

I’m just a boy, standing behind this camera asking it to love me. Top Writer on Photography, Prof of photojournalism, Leica Akademie Instructor, lover of tacos.

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