So, on this camera I don’t have auto focus, so there are actually no settings for that. I use the focus ring on the lens until the subject is in focus in my eyeball. But when I use auto focus on my DSLR, I use spot always, and continuous, and I assign my focus to my rear-focus button and un-assign it from my shutter release button. In a situation like this, I’d hit that button with my thumb while the reticle was on the subject and then release my thumb and shoot when the time was right.

I am only guessing here, but I think what may be behind your question is how to capture a person who is moving and make sure they are always in focus. For me, I never relinquish that responsibility to the camera. I think cameras are probably at a point now where you CAN do that, but it’s just not how I was trained, so I probably do it in a more old school way.

A deep dive into photography, with professional photographer, artist and director, Josh S. Rose. Top Writer: Photography and Creativity.

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