Only Flying

Josh Rose
Feb 22, 2022
“Only Flying.” Photo by Josh S Rose, 2022.

No brand, no partnership. Not promoted, no comment, no NFT. Didn’t get a permit, didn’t ask permission, not on a mission. Not an ambassador, nothing to subscribe to, donate to, admit to. I’m not especially proud, nobody overcame a hardship, there was no journey, there’s no narrative, no credits, no points. Stumbled in and wrote a verse on a used typewriter by the Cecil Hotel. Above, a plane turned East, settling in for a long flight. Leaving, returning… only used thoughts.

In truth, we are all only flying.

Photo Notes:

Photo taken with a Nikon Z6ii, 24–70mm 2.8. Shot at 20mm, f/7.1, 1/1000, ISO 1000. Time of day 3:19p, downtown Los Angeles. Model Nic Walton. Hat by Christopher Jay Heller.

Josh Rose

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