Matthew — I think you’re tapped into what a LOT of artists and photographers feel right now. I’m totally with you, constantly struggling between what is popular and what excites me. Being popular is hard, too, actually, but at least there’s a formula for it. There are certain tried-and-true storylines and archetypes (including sea lions) that are proven to evoke something in people — I suppose we can always get better at populism. But you and I, I think, are looking to uncover something more inside our own emotional territories that resonates with people. And that’s doubly hard. And also slightly disappointing when it you put it out there and it doesn’t seem to find an audience. I say stick with what you love and what thrills you and let that evolve. The audience will come. It might take some time. I threw work up to very small audiences everyday for two years before it felt like I got traction.

A deep dive into photography, with professional photographer, artist and director, Josh S. Rose. Top Writer: Photography and Creativity.

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