Hey Jake! Long time since we ran around together in that ad agency…

Great post. Love the journey you’re on.

The other day I ran across this talk by Adam Leipzig: http://bit.ly/2dRAKvO. It’s about finding your life purpose. Less of a roadmap as you’ve nicely laid it out, but it really highlighted something kind of eye-opening for me. He asks people to answer a few questions — you have to be ready to declare what you really love to do — but it culminates in three follow-up questions: who do you do it for? Why do they need it? And how does what you do change the people you do it for? I felt the genius in those questions is that they force you to consider your life purpose in relationship to others. To get outside yourself. We spend so much time in our own heads, considering what makes us happy. The isolation itself can be antithetical to the quest. And the truth is, we are part of a larger group of people and our sense of purpose is likely tied into our inherent familial/social intertwinedness (sic). At least it brought some things to light for me — would be interested in your thoughts.

Anyway, great to see your name pop up on Medium. Appreciate your words of wisdom. Going to turn off my mobile notifications now. :)

A deep dive into photography, with professional photographer, artist and director, Josh S. Rose. Top Writer: Photography and Creativity.

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