Narrative in photography begins in the photographer’s imagination, and ends in the viewer’s imagination.

Mars, Photo by Josh S. Rose, 2021. Nikon D850, 70–200mm, f/8, 1/1000, ISO 1000.

Like a lot of photographers, I’m starting to take on more video assignments, so I found myself in the market for an LED panel. But as a long-time still photographer who has often dreamt of using continuous light in my studio, I was interested to see if there was a panel that might be able to double for me as both a video light and stills, for some kinds of shoots. I researched for a few months and finally landed on the Rotolight Titan. This is essentially the Tesla of LED light panels. It’s well-built: every component of it is…

Travel photo, Joe Ellenbogen, circa 1960's.

Joe Ellenbogen was, in my opinion, the ultimate photographer. He shot photos for thirty or forty years — beautiful ones like this here. Over the course of his life, he amassed thousands of images, each one a testament to his passion for traveling and family. I look at his photos often; they help me understand the world better and also him, as a person — his life, his loves.

Never heard of Joe? That’s no surprise, he was not a professional photographer. Famous only in a very small circle. Joe grew up dirt poor in Los Angeles, went to school…

Finding one’s voice in photography is kind of the holy grail. When you see it in others, it looks almost fantastically simple, but when you try to achieve it yourself, you come to realize just what a difficult journey it actually requires. The forces that combine to allow for a distinctive voice work in tandem with each other, across various aspects of development. And so finding one’s way here requires embracing the complexity — and this is where maps can help.

The “Talent-Focus Divergent Pairing Map.” By Josh S. Rose, ©2021.

As you can see in this chart, there’s four parts to this. However, it’s really two parts that each…

“Eggs and Rain.” Photo by Josh S. Rose, ©2021.

This studio image here, of my son on a rainy day whim, is a high quality photo that one would once have had to pay a pretty penny for. It’s the kind of photo that, when I first started doing photography I might have looked at and spent a long time trying to figure out. But these days, we all know pretty much how it gets done. From the color matching technique to the single light and bounce technique, I’d be surprised if this image seemed at all mysterious to you.

Photography skill as we’ve known it is undergoing a…

Clubhouse on iPhone, Photo by Josh S. Rose, 2021.

I subscribe to the idea that people can hold two opposing thoughts in their heads at the same time. But nothing seems to force us to exercise this muscle more than social media; a world of contradictions.

Ten years ago, I wrote about the effects of social media on culture. Then, it was all about Facebook, but even so, the paradox of participation was deeply apparent. One interviewee put it this way:

“(Facebook makes me feel) closer to people I’m far away from. But maybe farther from people I’m close to.”

Platforms have changed in the last decade, but the…

The number 1 attribute I look for in a photographer is gray hair.

James Sutton

Clubhouse is the newest social media sensation, with a promise to be as big as… you know. It’s differentiator is that it is based entirely on audio. But other than that major experiential difference, it borrows heavily from early social media experiences, like AOL Chat Rooms. Despite being in “beta,” Clubhouse has been through three rounds of funding already, with a whopping $110M in the bank, led by giant Andreesson Horowitz and a valuation already at $1B. This is being driven by rapid adoption among individuals across every conceivable industry at breakneck speeds. At this time, the app currently has…

“Snow Spat.” Photo by Erlend Haarberg. D800, 300mm 1/1600 f/2.8 ISO 3200 with 2 1000W lamps behind the subjects

Josh Rose

I’m just a boy, standing behind this camera, asking it to love me. Top Writer on Photography, Professor of photojournalism, Leica Akademie Instructor. ♥ Tacos.

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