4 Takeaways From My Best Photograph of 2017.

“End Of The Shift.” Los Angeles, 2017. Nikon D800, 80mm (70–200mm lens). 1/1000th, f/4.5, ISO 400.

Start With An Idea

Great photos have a narrative or concept behind them. Hoping for one randomly is just not as effective as having the basic forms of your concept going in.

Concept + Composition

Don’t be slavish to your idea once you’re shooting — let it breathe and evolve into something new. There’s many ways to capture what’s in your mind, keep pushing until the composition is as inspired as the concept.

The Idea Is Stronger Than The Processing

This photo would have done just as well in color or with less contrast than I ended up with. There is nothing special about the settings (f/4.5 at 1/1000th/sec). I didn’t need a drone, a ladder or some special equipment. and there was nothing particular about the weather or light. And yet, though there was nothing technically special about it, it appears more unique than any other shot I took this year. Just focus on ideas.

Keep Shooting

Keep shooting at the shoot, but also after the shoot and on into the next one after that. You don’t really know which of your shoots or ideas is going to produce that one special image that rises above the others — could be in the first week, could be in the last week. The best you can do is to shoot every week.

I’m just a boy, standing behind this camera, asking it to love me. Top Writer on Photography, Professor of photojournalism, Leica Akademie Instructor. ♥ Tacos.

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