2 Ways A Photographer (Or Any Small Business) Should Apply For Coronavirus Aid Immediately

As a photographer, you may either be a small business or a freelancer — in either case, you’re eligible for financial aid through the $2 trillion relief plan the government just put into place to help us through the crisis. And, of course, this isn’t just true for photographers. I happen to write about this specific business, but no matter what business you’re in — if you’re doing it as a small business owner (under 500 people, but also non-profits, farmers, co-ops… many can apply), you are no doubt being affected by COVID-19 and are entitled to get relief.

Apply For Disaster Relief

Postpone Home Loan Payments

If you have a mortgage, the government and mortgage groups have agreed to let you delay your payments without penalty. The amount of time and the stipulations around the re-payment differ, depending on who owns your loan. If the gov’t owns your loan (Fannie or Freddie loans), you can delay up to 12 months — which is amazing. If it’s held through through a bank, it can be anywhere from 3 to 12 months (so, count on 3). Also, from what I’ve seen, some banks will simply let you start up again after that time and others will ask you to catch up fully after the forbearance, though I would guess that your bank will be lenient about this, if you talk to them in three months. Either way, you should prepare for a large payment, if need be.

How to Apply

There’s two ways banks are having you apply for a delay — a phone call to an automated system, or an online form. Here’s a few examples of how sites are listing their assistance options prominently:

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